Smiths Public House Cohoes NY


Welcome Back

We are thrilled to announce the revival of Smiths, a historic pub in Cohoes, New York, as Smiths Public House. The building has a rich history dating back to its construction in 1873, just one year before the Cohoes Music Hall. Throughout the years, it has been a silent movie theater, a pool hall, and finally, a beloved local tavern. We are excited to restore the building to its former glory and bring new life to this cherished community landmark.

One of the most notable figures associated with Smiths was Michael T. Smith, who purchased the restaurant in 1937. Known as "Big Mike," he was a legendary figure in Cohoes and a prominent Democratic leader in the state of New York. Despite his inability to read or write, he rose to become one of the most influential politicians of the 20th century. His flamboyant personality and impressive stature made him a memorable figure, and his entrance at the 1936 Democratic National Convention was broadcast coast-to-coast on radio.

We hope to honor his legacy by preserving the history of Smiths while creating a vibrant new space for the community to enjoy.

-Smiths Public House Team